re-Opening 7.24.2019

Hello friends in Victoria TX, the day has finally arrived. We are scheduled to open the 15th of Oct 2018. It has been a long time coming but we are so stoked to finally bringing this amazing new concept to our friends in Victoria. 

What is Twisted Mac ?

Thats such a broad question but if asked to answer that in a single sentence the best thing that would describe us is we are your "traditional Mac N Cheese with a TWIST". 

Everyone grew up eating Mac N Cheese as a young kid and we wanted to bring that same much loved dish from the childhood to the current time and put a twist to it. So yes you can get your classic Mac N Cheese that everyone loves so much but you can also get it with toppings & mix-ins such as, italian sausage, chorizo, chili, chicken, pepperoni and many more.